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judo - a sport adapted from jujitsu (employing ideas of not resisting) and just like wrestling; produced in Japan

paronomasia, pun, punning, wordplay - a humorous Engage in on phrases; "I do it with the pun of it"; "his regular punning irritated her"

[206] Very long-period viewing from the direct Sunlight Together with the bare eye can begin to lead to UV-induced, sunburn-like lesions around the retina soon after about 100 seconds, significantly less than conditions in which the UV light within the Sunshine is intense and nicely targeted;[207][208] circumstances are worsened by youthful eyes or new lens implants (which acknowledge far more UV than ageing all-natural eyes), Sun angles close to the zenith, and observing areas at high altitude.

In Volleyball Is touching the net authorized in volleyball? No. In the event the ball is in Participate in you are not permitted to touch The web.

Convective zone - Amongst about 70% of the Sunshine's radius and a degree close to the visible area, the Sunlight is great and diffuse enough for convection to come about, which gets the main suggests of outward heat transfer, just like temperature cells which variety from the earth's atmosphere.

Blocks or spikes from a place and that is clearly not at the rear of The ten-foot line even though inside a back again row posture

Start the App Shop. Seek out The sunshine blue icon by using a white A in it, or seek out "App Store" within the lookup bar that appears when you swipe to the ideal.

Do not forget that anyone may very well be accumulating knowledge around the Web sites you check out, the apps you employ, and the information you offer after you’re utilizing the machine – no matter if it’s the application developer, the app go to this site retail store, an advertiser, or an ad network.

That is applied to collect info on traffic to articles or blog posts and various pages on our web page. Unless you might be signed in into a HubPages account, all personally identifiable information and facts is anonymized.

‘There's no legislative entire body that sets specifications of protection and fitness for objective on industrial program.’

rock climbing - the sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides (Specially with the help of ropes and special equipment)

If the helium is exhausted, the Solar read more ... will repeat the growth it adopted if the hydrogen while in the core was fatigued, except this time it all transpires more rapidly, as well as the Solar will become more substantial and more luminous. This is the asymptotic-large-branch stage, and also the Solar is alternately burning hydrogen in the shell or helium inside a further shell. Soon after about twenty million yrs to the early asymptotic big department, the Sunlight will become ever more unstable, with swift mass decline and thermal pulses that boost the dimension and luminosity for any number of hundred many years each individual 100,000 a long time or so. The thermal pulses come to be much larger each time, Using the later on pulses pushing the luminosity to just as much as five,000 times the current degree as well as radius to over 1 AU.[140] In accordance with a 2008 design, Earth's orbit is shrinking on account of tidal forces (and, finally, drag read review within the lessen chromosphere), so that it'll be engulfed because of the Sunshine near the idea with the pink huge department period, one and three.

Jump Provide: A leap serve is used to help the server get extra peak. By leaping they may have a far better angle to put the ball down in the court docket, and therefore are less likely being underneath the ball. This may be a float or topspin ball with regards to the Speak to, arm swing, and solution.

Morgan desired to create a competent sport exercise, which expected extra gamers, considerably less Room, and fewer exertion than basketball. The initial net was a “rope” and the main ball was a basketball air bladder.

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